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8 thoughts on “ Свеча Горела На Столе. / The Candle Was Burning. ”

  1. A candle on the table burned, A candle, burning. As midgeflies swarm in summertime Toward a flame, Snowflakes swarmed from the dark outside Against the pane. The blizzard etched the glass with whirled Arrows and circles. Свеча горела на столе, Свеча горела.
  2. Свеча горела на столе, Свеча горела И падали два башмачка.
  3. The candle burning. As swarm of midges in the dark To fire flutters, Rushed flakes of snow from the park To window shutter. The storm was shaping on the glass Some darts and circlings The candle burning on the desk, Свеча горела на столе, Свеча горела.
  4. The candle was burning on the table, It was burning. The shadows were falling down. On the illuminated ceiling, The crossing of hands, the crossing of legs, The destiny's crossing. And two shoes were falling. On the floor with a thud, And the wax was falling like tears on the dress.
  5. На платье капал. И все терялось в снежной мгле Седой и белой. Свеча горела на столе, Свеча горела. На свечку дуло из угла, И жар соблазна Вздымал, .
  6. Свеча горела на столе, Свеча горела. The candle burned upon the desk, The candle burned. As in the summer, moths are drawn. Towards the flame, The pale snowflakes soared. Towards the pane. Upon the glass, bright snowy rings. And streaks were churned.
  7. СКАЗИНА СВЕЧА ГОРЕЛА СКАЧАТЬ БЕСПЛАТНО - Свеча горела на столе. Ищите, смотрите, скачивайте видео - все это бесплатно и на большой скорости. Как летом роем мошкара Летит на пламя, Слетались.
  8. So the idea of the candle burning all February naturally flows into the second line "And like eternal a candle was burning " So you have the idea of burning flowing in three lines in a row. Stylistic device.

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